Bring Out Your Dead

It's A Part Of Prepping

There is an excellent article in this month's Mother Earth News entitled "We've Never Regretted A Private Burial." It deals with the author's ordeal of getting his father-in-law buried on family land in another state.  After getting the run-around, he was finally able to get it done, and shares what he learned about the process.  Do you have plans for after you pass?  Will your family spend 10s of thousands of dollars on a funeral, or will you be cremated and scattered in the garden?  Does your family know what you want?

What about if there is a societal collapse?  What if the mortuaries are overflowing due to a highly lethal pandemic?  What are the plans then? 

Please don't leave it to your survivors to plan your funeral or remains disposal.  Give them specific instructions, even writing your own obituary if you want one.  If you want a private burial or ash scattering, research your local laws now to find out the process.  If there is a deadly pandemic or other mass casualty/SHTF scenario, work out the details of body disposal with your family, group, neighbors before it is needed.  Two SHTF novels that have body disposal scenes are Alas, Babylon and Patriots.

For me, personally, I'm easy... pre-SHTF: cremation, ash storage in an ammo can, and scatter with my wife's ashes after she goes, preferably somewhere in Wyoming.  No funeral, no memorial service, no obituary, not even telling co-workers, acquaintances and other than immediate family.  I have a little bit of a contrarian streak in me and just want to leave a lot of people wondering whatever happened to me. 


Cyber Monday

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  1. Actually I'm almost done with my will, It makes you think a tad about ones own mortality. Let's face it, we all are going to die, why not let you loved ones know what your last wishes are.

  2. Wills are crucial, especially if you have real estate or children.


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