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Had A Great Thanksgiving

I hope you had as good a Thanksgiving as we did.  We are very blessed and had much to be thankful for.  We had the niece and nephew spend the night Friday, and Saturday morning I took them on an expedition through the back of our property.  We found some deer tracks, a track we don't know (possibly a raccoon or beaver),
and visited the neighbor's chickens.  I had grabbed my Pathfinder-style 5 C's kit (cutting tool, container, cover, combustion and cordage) out of the Element and we planned to end the expedition by starting a primitive fire.  Wouldn't you know it that a gremlin had gotten into my kit and removed my combustion tools.  Goes to show that you really ought to check your kits periodically.  I've since put a striker tool back in.

A Link I Like

I've added a link to the "Links I Like" page at the top.  Outdoors Native is a cool site with some great gear reviews and how-to guides.  It is done by a group of folks that are all experienced in the different aspects of outdoor living and recreation, and they produce quality information.  Please give them a visit and tell them you heard about them here at If It Hits The Fan.

Non-Electric Catalog

I just got my new copy of the Lehman's catalog in the mail the other day.  I spent quite a bit of money with these folks back in the countdown to Y2K, and I'm glad to see they still have such a great selection of quality home equipment that doesn't need electricity.  Man, the Aladdin mantle lanterns have really gone up since 1999, but I love the ones I have and they last forever.  One of mine is from the 1950s.  The catalog costs $5, and is well worth it if you are setting up a homestead or expect a power disruption of more than a few days.

Vocabulary 101

I learned a new word today, that I think perfectly describes what our government has become over the past 50 years.  From the White House to the county courthouse, and at every level in between, with a few rare exceptions.  Kleptocracy: when those in government use their power and authority to build personal wealth and power at the expense of the populace.  It is a term usually applied to nations of the Third World and "banana republics."  Look it up, and if you agree, start dropping it on your elected servants.

Sponsor Of The Week

Our Sponsor of the Week is The Berkey Guy at Directive 21.  Jeff has the full range of Berkey water filter systems, Wise Food Storage, the Country Living Grain Mill, and other great products that a prepared person needs.  Jeff recently sent me a Sport Berkey filtered water bottle that I'll be doing a contest to give away later this week to a lucky reader.  Check out Directive 21 for great products and exceptional service, and please tell him you heard about him here at If It Hits The Fan!


  1. That's a raccoon track I know those well. I have seen many of them as we have a family of them that lives in the tree behind my four-plex.

  2. I have had the same experience with my camping box, think it's ready to go, and then find out the grmlins have removed some vital piece. I love the word of the day and plan on sharing it. Thanks!

  3. BVDD - thanks for the confirmation... we had looked at a website of footprints, but could say for sure. We have enough of the masked critters around here, that's for sure what it is.

    JacLynn - I've been dropping it on people all day!


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