Horse - The Other Red Meat?

It Might Be What's For Dinner

It's sweet, "strangely soft," lean and tasty... at least that's what they say.  Horsemeat is not illegal in most of the United States.  There is a social taboo against it because horses are often seen as pets.  Until 2007, there were horse slaughterhouses in the US that sold the meat as a delicacy to Japan and Europe.  The rumors of horses being in dog food are mostly false as there was much higher profit in selling it for human consumption.

An article that came out today revealed that horse slaughterhouses are once again legal in the US, and several midwest and mountain states are vying to be the first to set one up.  I imagine that the meat will once again be intended for export for human consumption. 

Wikipedia has a fascinating article on horse meat.  Think about it... are you prepared to cook up a pony on the grill?  Will the social taboos make it difficult for your family to eat, or will taste and texture overrule emotion?


  1. The several year ban on slaughtering horses combined with the financial devastation that has hit a lot of the rural areas caused a lot of horse owners major distress. Historically you could always get $200 for an old horse. With the ban in effect your had to pay 200-500 to bury your old horse.

  2. That's interesting, I had not thought of that side of it.


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