We Sure Do Consume Some Weird Stuff

There was a time when I was drinking 8-10 Diet Cokes a day.  Here lately, I've gotten it down to four on most days.  I have now officially passed 7 full days without one.  It wasn't the caffeine I was concerned about, it was the aspartame. While it is accepted as safe, it is artificial and a chemical.  It also has a tendency to affect your appetite, so that while your mind thinks, "hey, I'm drinking diet drinks, so I'm not gaining weight," the physiology of your body reacts to the chemical with increased appetite and you end up eating more.  So, I've gotten the aspartame out of my system, I'm drinking 2-3 iced teas (unsweetened) a day, and I think I'm eating less.

What in the world is in cook & serve pudding?  For Thanksgiving, I "helped" my wife by cooking some vanilla pudding for her to make banana pudding for the family luncheon.  On my first batch, I accidentally did it on "high" and scorched it, so I had to make a second batch.  What to do with the first batch?  It was 6 cups of milk and two of the big boxes of pudding.  I did what I do with food that we throw out but don't use for compost, I poured it on a big rock in the front yard for raccoons, skunks and opossums to enjoy.  Wouldn't you know it, five days later, there was still a nasty yellow blob on the rock.  Even scavengers would not eat it.  Makes me think twice before I eat it again.

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