Conspiracy Theory Thursday

Dec. 21, 2012

Of course, you've heard about the concern some folks have that the world will end a year from yesterday.  Seems the ancient Mayans made a calendar that stopped on Dec. 21st of next year.  I've got worse news.  Hallmark produced a "playful puppies" calendar that stops on Feb. 29th of next year.  Could that be the end?

G.I. Joe Is Un-Constitutional

I was flipping channels this evening and came across the cartoon show, G.I. Joe - Renegade.  The Joe Team was involved in an operation with a small town sheriff to capture a biker gang.  Why is G.I. Joe, a U.S. military unit, violating Posse Commitatus and enforcing civilian laws?  Are the producers of G.I. Joe under the thumb of the Administration and undertaking to condition our children to accept military participation in civilian law enforcement?

Kim Jong Il's Cause Of Death

They claim that Kim Jong Il died of a heart attack caused by stress and overwork.  In reality, he died of a virus that he caught while reviewing his son's secret military unit.  He died of a Kalishna Cough.

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