Glockin' Around The Christmas Tree

Vacation Plans

My wife and I both have the week off between Christmas and New Years.  While there will be a lot of rest & relaxation, along with some yard work and garden prep, we'll also have some time for a little productive fun.  We're going to an indoor range that has full auto weapons available to rent.  She's always wanted to shoot a Thompson and will finally be able to say, "keep the change, you filthy animal."

We'll also take my Glock 17, her Taurus .357, and my Colt Agent.  I plan to do some speedloader drills with the Agent.

Will you be able to send any rounds downrange over Christmas?

Post #357

I realized that last night's post was #357.  Does that make it my "magnum opus?"  Ba dum dum!  Thank you folks, I'll be here all week.  Don't forget to tip your waitress and bartender.


  1. I'm going shooting on Monday with a friend. Not sure yet what all will be brought out. I might make it out again during the week as I've got it off too.



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