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Surplus Guns

I recently picked up a copy of Guns & Ammo's "Surplus Firearms" magazine.  I'm sure I've had copies of it over the years, but I don't remember anything like this one.  It really comes across as almost a digest of scholarly work.  Lots of details and lots of obscure firearms.  Everything from a Nepalese .577 0breechloader to Gen. Patton's handguns to the Thompson M1.  Much more detail than what I am used to from a gun magazine.

I was particularly interested in the article on the K98 Mauser.  I have a Mauser K98 that my great uncle sent back from WWII to my Grandpa.  Sometime in the late 40s or early 50s, Grandpa had it "sporterized" by a gunsmith in Spokane.  I've had it for about five years now, and other than admiring the beautiful Monte Carlo stock and the Lyman peep sight, I've never really thought much about it.  After reading the article, I found that it was made in 1939 in the Berlin factory.  It has a ton of proof marks that I'll be getting at with a magnifying glass and doing some more research on.  It's kind of unfortunate that it is not in its original configuration, but it is a really nicely done custom job and took a few deer in its day.  I need to get some ammo for it and take it to the range to sight it in.  I'm also hoping I can find out who the gunsmith was.

If you are interested in old military firearms, pick up a copy of this magazine.  I'd also suggest checking out Jim Rawles' excellent FAQ on pre-1899 guns as survival tools.  While such info doesn't apply to my Mauser, there are tons of Mausers and other very useful firearms that do.

Your Experiences Needed

I'm working on a story about the misperception that equates survivalism with racism and extremism.  Have you faced this?  How did you respond?  Please email me your stories here.  I'll keep it confidential.  Thanks!

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