I Stand Corrected

Cannery Was Not Raided

It seems the Oath Keepers have withdrawn their story that federal agents demanded customer lists from a LDS cannery in Tennessee.  Southern Belle Prepper investigated and was the first to debunk the story.  Thanks to several readers that sent me the link to her video blog.

I'd love to know how this story got started.  Was it a total fabrication or is there some kernel of truth somewhere at the beginning?  It is interesting that there is so much distrust of parts of our government that so many people immediately believed that this happened.  Of course, there is vast evidence of people in our community being targeted for investigation of one type or another.


  1. Kellene Bishop 'investigated' too and has done a great piece on her blog PreparednessPro.
    What it seems is that there is some truth and the guy back peddled on what he said and now everyone is closing ranks.
    In my opinion, this sounds and feels like something funny did happen and because of the backlash from the original story, no one wants to admit anything out of fear.
    Then again, who knows...its possible the story was started to discredit and induce fear :) who knows...but for me...its just a cautionary tale at this point, true or not...be aware and be prepared.

  2. SHTFmom - I think your last sentance sums it up very nicely for all of us!


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