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Economic Collapse At The Cold Stone

I stopped at my local Cold Stone Creamery today to pick up some gift cards for folks in my office for Christmas.  As he was ringing me up, the manager mentioned that their gift card sales are down 50 to 75% from previous years, and that was an indicator that their first quarter of next year will be down significantly.  He then asked me if I had heard of American 20.  It is apparently the latest video from the same financial guy that has had the doomsday predictions going for the last year or so, advertised on Drudge and Glenn Beck and what not.  I mentioned one of his earlier prediction videos some time ago in a post.  Anyway, this Cold Stone manager is concerned about economic collapse and devaluation of our money.  I pulled a nickel out of my pocket and asked him if he knew about the pre-65 silver coins.  He didn't, so I explained how the coins used to be mostly silver, and in 1965, they were debased to the alloy.  I told him that a dollar in pre-65 quarters was now worth about $32.  I then told him about the melt value of a nickel already being more than five cents and that there is likelihood that nickels will be changed to a cheap alloy in the next couple years.  He immediately understood about saving spare nickels for the future.  He also mentioned that he's planning to invest in foreign currency as a way to hold value.  I don't know anything about that, and my gift cards were ready, so the conversation ended.  It was an interesting indication of how concern about our economic future is hitting folks.

Coolest Santa Ever

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