Product Review: Mini Mag LED

Mini Mag LED

Back in my cop days, I carried a regular old Mini Mag Lite.  Back then, it was pretty much that, or a full sized Mag Lite or Kel Light.  When I got promoted to Sgt., I switched to a gold colored Mini Mag to match my badge and the snaps and buckle on my Sam Browne belt.  The Mini Mags were bright enough to look under a car seat, or find your keys if you dropped them.  A traffic stop or building search called for the big one to come out of the car bracket.  The batteries lasted long enough, but the bulb was fragile, and only good for about an hour of steady light.  In the mid-90's, the SureFire style of tactical flashlights came out.  They were bright, compact, and durable.  They were also about $60-80 and the batteries were pretty steep, too.  These days, there is an amazing variety of flashlights available in all price ranges.  Times are good for the flashlight fan.

I got an early Christmas present at work yesterday.  It's the Mini Mag Lite LED.  This is the newest version with a four way "multi-mode electronic switch."  Turn it on and it is at 100%.  Turn it off and back on quickly, and it is 25% power, intended for reading.  Off and back on gets you a flashing light, about once a second.  One more time and it flashes SOS in Morse code.  Do it again and you are back to 100%.  It's pretty bright, and according to the specs, has a long battery life.  I'm pretty impressed by this light.  It's familiar, like an old friend, but with some cool new features.  It will have a home in my Element, right above the sun visor.  It's not available on Amazon yet, but I think it came from Lowe's.  If you need a last minute gift for a prepper on your list, pick one up.

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