Black Friday Was Great For Gun Dealers

It seems that Black Friday was by far a record day for FBI gun purchase background checks, over 115,000 of them.  And, that doesn't include the states like Virginia where they have their own background check system and don't use the FBI, or those gun purchases made by folks with concealed weapon permits in those states where they are exempt from checks.

This article is pretty well balanced, especially considering it is from MSNBC.  They interview the typical Brady bunch nitwit who rationalizes the spike as "marketing," but they also include someone from the National Shooting Sports Foundation, and two investment professionals.

Of particular note is the unscientific survey at the end which shows that 80% of respondents think a gun is a pretty good Christmas present.  Of course, I agree with that, so if any of you are looking for a present idea for your favorite blogger....

Winner Of The Sport Berkey

We had a lot of entries, and many of you left very nice messages with your emails.  I assigned each entry a number, then had my wife pick the winning number.  And the winner is.....

Tim from Virginia!  Congratulations to Tim, I'll contact you to get your mailing address.  I sincerely thank everyone who entered and helped spread the word about If It Hits The Fan.  A big thanks as well to The Berkey Guy at Directive 21, who sent me the Sport Berkey bottle!

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