Book Review: Holding Your Ground

Holding Your Ground - Preparing For Defense If It All Falls Apart, by Joe Nobody

Disclaimer:  This book was sent to me by the publisher at no cost for the purposes of review.

This book 169 pages, 8 1/2x11" paperback, and comes from the Prepper Press.

Short review is that I really liked this book!  It reminds me of the "for dummies" and "complete idiot's guide" books in that the chapters are short and easily referenced, there are lots of good quality photos and charts, and there is a check mark symbol on some topics that indicate you need to go to the website and enter information on a free downloadable worksheet... neat idea.

The book focuses on defending your home or retreat in a true SHTF scenario.  Topics range from the mundane, such as waste disposal, to the dynamic, such as fighting positions and multiple fields of fire.  Some things are downright creative, such as using paint and rubbish to make your home look burned out and abandoned to deter intruders.

In my regular life, I've been a certified Crime Prevention Specialist for a number of years.  One thing I noticed is that the author seems to be familiar with the principles of Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED).  Although he doesn't use the term, he has adapted a number of the principles to retreat protection after it hits the fan.

If you are interested or concerned about defending your home or retreat from violent assault during a SHTF scenario, without having it look like a fort before SHTF, then I highly recommend this book to you.  It's an easy read with lots of great information.

What's On My Current Reading List?

Right now I've got two books going.  I'm about halfway through "Folks, This Ain't Normal," by Joel Salatin, and just started "1491," by Charles C. Mann.  Both are riveting and I'll get you reviews when I finish.

Local Meet-Up

If you are in the Richmond/Fredericksburg area, this Saturday (Jan. 7th) I'll be at the Renegade Farmer's Market in Ashland.  This is a few farmers who gather every other week in the market behind the Ashland Town Hall during the off-season.  I'm going to meet the folks from Dragonfly Farms and pick up some grass fed beef.  There should be at least four other farms selling fresh and local foods.  They are scheduled to be there from 9 to 11, I plan to get there right about 9.  I'll wear my If It Hits The Fan T-shirt so you can recognize me.

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