New Year - New Direction

Happy New Year!

In May of 2010 I started this blog with a couple posts a week.  In October of that year, I broke 500 page visitors and was amazed.  On January 1st of 2011, I dedicated myself to trying to do a post every day (or at least most days).  I hit about 2,500 readers that first January.  March and April brought me some amazing numbers, approaching 15,000 each month thanks to some links from SurvivalBlog.  Since then, I've settled down to a pretty respectable 6,500-7,000 visits a month.  This is my 366th post.  I'm within about 500 visitors of breaking 100,000.  I've had the opportunity through this blog to be interviewed on local radio news shows quite a few times and on a couple of BlogTalkRadio shows.

I've been truly honored that so many people think that what I have to say is of enough importance or interest that they take time from their days to read it.  I've met some great folks through this site: Steelheart, RoBo, Nicole, Jerry, Shana... and I know I'm missing a bunch of you that have been commenters and have sent me emails.  I've also met some leaders and up-and-comers in the survival field... Dave Canterbury, Chance, and Mitch come to immediate mind.  I've actually had folks at a gun show recognize our logo on my t-shirt and struck up a conversation because they read the blog.

I also can't forget to comment on my sponsors... The Berkey Guy was my first paid sponsor, when I was just starting to break through with daily posts.  The good folks at Shelf Reliance and Essential Packs also liked what I was doing and came to me as paid sponsors.  The first guy to approach me was Kelly at Survival Gear Bags, and I've been an affiliate of his since the early days.  I've also built an affiliate relationship with Emergency Essentials, and of course, I'm thankful to everyone who has bought Amazon items by going through my links and letting me get small commissions from that.

So what does all that mean... no, I'm not shutting down the blog... but I do need to change some things around.  I work long days and have a one hour commute each way.  Coming home every evening to work on the blog has really cut in to my time with my wife, and really, there is nothing more important in my life than her.  She's been amazingly supportive and encouraging about the blog, and I want to spend more time with her.  Also, I'm starting graduate school in March (Masters of Disaster & Emergency Management at American Military University).  Yep, 43 is a little long in the tooth to go back to school, but it's the right thing in my life right now.  That is also going to take considerable time.  I've become involved as a contributing author to a survivalism and preparedness book.  I'm hopeful that it might lead to my own book with the publisher.  That has long been a dream of mine and it looks as if it has a real good chance of coming to fruition... I'll keep you updated.  I really want to make more videos for the If It Hits The Fan YouTube channel, and work with my wife to actually get our paracord wristbands and other items up in the If It Hits The Fan Gear Shop.  I want to get some magazine articles published as well.  I've been photographer for an article in the old American Survival Guide, and I had an article published in Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement magazine a few years back.  Some articles are planned for survival magazines, but others will be for professional journals dealing with emergency management and school safety.  I plan to teach more as well...  I've presented sessions at a number of state-level school safety conferences, and I want to do that more, plus some preparedness topics for community groups and churches.  Finally, I'm building my on-line media empire.  In the near future, you'll be able to tune in to YouTube for Imperial Goat's Cigar and Beer Reviews a couple times a month (some of you may remember me as the Imperial Goat on a few survival forums.  I just did my introduction and am working on getting it up on YouTube.  Finally, I'm also starting a blog of libertarian themed essays that will come out every few weeks.  I'm not sure if I'm a libertarian with a conservative bent or a conservative with a libertarian bent, so this will more a journey of self-exploration, and might offer some good ideas to others.

So back to the question... what does all that mean for If It Hits The Fan?  I'm going to keep doing this, just not as much.  I'll get quality posts out two or three times a week, more if something big or important is going on.  I'll still through some things out on the Facebook fan page as well.  Please keep reading, commenting, and sending me emails.  I'll still be here and will always appreciate you.

Greenhouse Update

My Dad and I almost have the greenhouse done.  We ran out of plastic sheeting, so we'll wrap it up (no pun intended) next weekend.  There will still be plenty of time to get my seeds started and going in it.  When we finish, I'll share some photos and the plans.  Seed  orders will hopefully go out this week, and I'm looking to expand my garden again this, my third year of gardening.

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