Anti-Terrorism Training

Not What I Was Led To Expect

Today I attended a training session from Dept. of Homeland Security about terrorism.  As I expected, there was a segment on "sovereign citizens."  In the past, there have been reports from different law enforcement agencies and various state fusion centers that included such things as NRA members, Ron Paul bumper stickers, and people who read the Constitution as indicators that you might be dealing with a "sovereign." 

In this class, they discussed the legitimate dangers of LEOs dealing with the hard core "sovereigns" such as those in the West Memphis killings from two years ago, but they did not paint a broad brush and include gun owners, survivalists, or libertarians.  All in all, it was very well ballanced and presented information that could help save lives.  If you've been following If It Hits The Fan very long, and especially if you follow us on the Facebook page, you know that I have no problem calling out the government and law enforcement when they go bad or overstep their authority.  But I also recognize them when they do the right thing, and in this case, I think DHS is doing it right.


  1. Well then I must be a "Sovereign" then because I am all of the above. I am in deep $%&@ when it hits the fan. I am glad that DHS does these drills when it's done for the right reasons.

  2. BVDD - glad to see you! It's been a while! Yeah, I know what you mean. All of those things fit me as well. I was really curious to see if I would be labled like Missouri and Arizona did in the past couple years.


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