Learning From a Young 'Un

A Pathfinder Youth's Videos

When I went to Dave Canterbury's Pathfinder School this past summer, there were several kids in the class.  One of the "Young 'Uns" as Dave called them, was a fellow named Michael who was at the school with his mom.  He was an enthusiastic learner, and was pretty knowledgeable as well.

He has started up his own YouTube channel under the name of CreeksideSurvival.  He's got up a dozen or so videos so far on everything ranging from gear he got a gun show, to using a camp stove, and setting up an inflatable raft as a bug out boat.

It is great when youngsters are getting out there and trying to make a positive difference.  I really hope you'll take a look at Creekside Survival's videos and encourage him to continue in his preparedness.

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