Guest Post: Shelf Reliance Consultant

Why Store Food? by Sherri Bauer, Independent Consultant for Shelf Reliance

Why store food? Well depending on where you live there are a number of reasons to do it. Hurricanes, snow storms, flooding, job loss and economic depression are just a few reasons to think about food storage. It can be a bit daunting if you don’t know what to look for in a food storage company. I did quite a bit of research before ending up using Shelf Reliance for my storage and emergency supply needs. Besides the choices in food, Shelf Reliance does things differently than most food storage companies. They began by selling their food rotation shelving units and 1 year food storage in places like Sam's Clubs, but they felt they weren’t able to reach enough people. You would only be able to buy their 1 yr food supply and have no choice in foods. So 2 years ago they decided to go the direct selling route. They felt this would get the food out to the public so people could taste and cook with it to see how they like it. They do cooking demonstrations in your home so you can try the different foods. It is good enough to eat every day and most of the food stays fresh in the cans unopened for 25 years. To make it easy they have a food storage calculator so you can customize your food storage and pick the foods you want and the amount of storage you want. There is also the Q, which is a monthly payment plan where you can set your budget and they pull foods from your storage calculator and send it to you monthly. If you are concerned with allergies they also have a list of gluten free and MSG-free foods and also list non-GMO foods.

In addition to their THRIVE foods, they have the shelves for food rotation, emergency kits, and lots of emergency supplies. So whether you want to have a well stocked emergency kit or are an avid camper or hiker you can find some of the best equipment around.

There several ways you can purchase from Shelf Reliance. You can go to the main website, consultants websites , or through a consultant. You get the best prices on the products when you purchase through a consultant. I chose to become a consultant to save money and to build my food storage at the same time.

Thanks, Sherri!
Shelf Reliance has been one of our great sponsors for nearly a year, and Sherri is one of a number of Shelf Reliance consultants that read If It Hits The Fan.  I want to thank her for sending us this look at the Shelf Reliance consultant program.  If you are interested in Thrive foods or other SR products, please visit Sherri's site at www.sherribauer.shelfreliance.com.

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