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New Lyme Disease Map

I found this article in Homeland Security Today about research that has produced a new Lyme disease map.  It's an interesting article and discusses how these researchers were much more thorough than those in the past who just relied on diagnoses that may or may not have been accurate.

But they did not show the map...

When I got home this evening, I did some more searching and found the map the article is talking about.
lyme disease map, yale school of public health
Looks like Wisconsin and the North East, especially along the coast, are at the highest risk.  Of particular note to me is that we are right on the edge between "low risk" and a "transitional area."

Oh well, at least we don't have Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever around here!


  1. Actually, when I was in college in Maryland in the mid-80's majoring in biology, my college professor made a point of telling us that Maryland had one of the highest rates of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever cases in the country. I am not sure if that is still true or not, but it can occur anywhere in the country.

  2. Yeah, DTM, I think that is still the case. Durn ticks!

  3. Actually there are several disease borne illnesses that have 'moved' south...I did an article on them last summer and how to help stop the illnesses and ticks themselves. In a grid-down, end of the world situation with antibiotics in short supply we have to look towards herbs, homeopathics (which store indefinately in certain conditions) and essential oils. There is a tick NOSODE available online (homeopathic) that I swear by. DE works in keeping the buggers down to managable levels around my yard too since I am surrounded by the pine trees ticks love. Point being is that even now ticks make you sick and when SHTF happens we won't have all the chemicals that we use so bone up on how to help yourself now.

  4. Laura - can you post the link to your post? That would be good information


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