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Amazing Survival Story

Did you see this story out of Oregon?  A couple and their adult son got lost for six days in the southern Oregon wilderness after mushroom hunting.  They sheltered in a hollowed out log, and could see search & rescue choppers above them, but the tree canopy was too thick for the choppers to see them, and they had no way to signal.  Searchers found a Pepsi can, mushroom bucket and some clothing.  Some basic survival knowledge could have let them be found much earlier.  They did not tell anyone where they were going.  The Pepsi can could have been ripped open and the inside used as a mirror signal to the choppers, and of course the clothing could have kept them warmer.  Funny thing is that they live in Gold Beach, the hometown of Backwoods Home Magazine.  Hopefully they will read a few back issues and learn a few things before they go out again.

Rendering Unto Caesar

Well, we did the taxes yesterday.  We ended up owing the feds $10 more than what our state refund is.  It doesn't get much closer than that!  I used to be the type that was excited about a large refund, but I now realize that I'd be giving Uncle Sam an interest free loan of my money.  A $10 net payment means we have our withholding down almost to the penny.  Take THAT, IRS!!!  Bwaa haaa haaa!

Possible Training Opportunity

How many of you would be interested in a one-day tactical pistol class?  We're looking at setting it up for a Saturday or Sunday in late Spring or early Summer in the Central Virginia area.  The lead instructor is a colleague who is a former SWAT officer with extensive experience training with and for military groups preparing for assignments overseas.  The class would not be for a novice gun owner wanting a concealed weapons permit, but for the moderate-to-experienced shooter who wants to learn and practice shooting on the move, using cover and tactics, tactical reloading and other skills that can help keep you alive.  We're looking at a probable cost of about $200-250 or so.  I'm not looking for commitments, just testing the waters for interest.  If this is something you might like to take part in, shoot me an email here, leave a comment on this post, or message me on Facebook.

Upcoming Guest Post

Check in Tuesday for a guest post from a reader who is a Thrive Foods consultant.

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  1. As long as I could get several weeks notice of the date of the class to make the necessary arrangements, I am very interested in attending a course along the lines of what you proposed. So please post any updated info on this site. Thanks!


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