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Doomsday Prepper Experts

Thanks to Prepper Website for sending a link to his post about who the DP experts are.  You can read it here.  The experts are Engineer775 and Southern Prepper1.  They are two well known survival YouTubers who have organized prepper conferences in North Carolina, and were featured in the pilot episode of DP last year.  When they were on, DP actually didn't make them look nuts.  On Prepper Website, he links to one of their You Tubes where he talks about their roles on the show.  Listening to the explanation "from the horse's mouth" makes it more understandable   They have little impact in the show's direction, but try to do what they can to counsel the producers.  I still say it would make the show more credible to let the viewer know who they are.  Of course, I also want the producers to not edit so the people look foolish.

iPhone Game

My niece introduced me to a really fun iPhone app game that preppers will enjoy... Stupid Zombies.  And best of all... it's free!  You go through stages where zombies are on platforms and behind barricades, and you are the guy in the corner with a rifle.  The challenge is to shoot the zombies, using ricochets, rolling barrels and exploding 55 gallon drums.  It is a very unproductive use of your time, but lots of fun.

Terrorism in D.C. 

No, I don't mean Congress usurping our Liberty...  Did you hear about the Moroccan immigrant arrested for plotting to detonate a suicide vest outside the Capitol building yesterday?  According to the FBI, he had been brainstorming ways to do an attack for over a year and after he conducted surveillance and planning, undercover agents, posing as al-Queda representatives, provided him with a inoperable gun and suicide bomb vest.  Now, when I hear stories like this, I always wonder how much instigating the FBI did as agents provocateur, but in this case it seems to be a good bust that took a dangerous terrorist wannabe off the streets.


  1. how dangerous could he have been if he hadn't figured out a way to attack for over a year? when i see these "stings" i always wonder if the mark had any ill intentions or was arm- twisted into it like delorean, or were capable of doing anything w/out help. like the underwear bomber, i question the brainpower to for the intent.one look in his eyes you could see both lonely braincells bouncing off each other.giving him a life sentence was punishing the mentally ill.

    1. ps- morocan immigrant.i wonder if he stored food,stockpiled "waterproof" ammo and 'night' flashlights or spouted off about the constitution?

  2. RR - I wonder about some of these stings they do, but this one seemed to be on the up and up. I think sometimes the stupid true believer is more dangerous than the smart ones, because he can be manipulated. Lucky it was the feds doing the manipulating this time rather than someone else. It certainly doesn't take a rocket scientist to strap on a vest full of pipe bombs.


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