Terrorism Hot Spots

Terrorism in the American Redoubt

I read an article in Homeland Security Today... today that raised concerns on several different levels.  It's a brief article summarizing a new DHS report mapping terrorism incidents in the US since 1970.  It does make the valid point that terrorism is crime, but doesn't account for what got a crime listed on the report as terrorism.  The two issues that raised the most concerns for me were that according to the report, terrorism has struck all over the country, including in the American Redoubt (a phrase coined by Jim Rawles); and that the report promotes the common refrain that "right wingers" who are against government interference, taxes etc... are so important as to be listed first... well ahead of religious zealots (Islamists) and single-issue attackers such as abortion clinic bombers and environmental terrorists.  The one thing the article did not do was show the map.

To save you from digging for it, I have posted the full report to my Library Resources page here.  It's 34 pages of "scholarly" writings, graphs, charts and maps.  I'd really encourage you to download it and read it.  Throughout the text, it refers to international terrorism, recent immigrants and converts to radical Islam, and what we typically think of when we think of "terrorism."  However, it still lists "right wing" terrorists at the top.  I think this really brings forth the idea that the administration tries to paint people like us with a broad, evil brush.

The map is very interesting.  It shows attacks throughout Eastern Washington and Oregon, all of Idaho, and Western Montana and Wyoming.  But it doesn't list what the ideological reasons for all of them are.  It's almost as if "they" just want people to believe the headlines.  Pay no attention to the man behind the green curtain...

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  1. did you really think that NDAA and the 30,000 drones are for muslim terrorists? they vilified the Tea Party, what did you think they would do to the militia? expatriation act? we are in deep pooh-pooh my friend. they don't realize that by these actions they will precipitate the very type of "terrorist action" that they claim to be trying to avoid. wagging the dog, wagging the dog. just another way to beg for more tax dollars and grab more power.the tipping point is near.

  2. RR - I think deep pooh-pooh is putting it very mildly... Like the man said in Full Metal Jacket, it's a big s--t sandwich and we've all got to take a bite

  3. donald, roger that. i was afraid i'd gone over the edge. nice to know i have good company.....so what do you think, april-may ala arab spring or november post election, when all hell breaks loose?

  4. I think it is more of a long sliding downhill ride rather than a quick acute failure. Maybe I need to do a post on my predictions for future...

    1. that would be cool. i hope i'm wrong but 30 years of study leads me to feel its coming this spring when OWS gets hammered by the police, or post election sour grapes protests get out of hand. the population seems ripe for it.lots of angry folks with nothing to lose and nowhere else to vent their anger. i'm praying i'm wrong. i'd be interested in your point of view for sure. i sometimes spend too much time with myself, that leads to a one sided conversation that never disagrees:)


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