Busy Day!

Photos Are Up

I just put pictures up on the If It Hits The Fan Facebook page of sprouts from a pepper seed and from a tomato seed.  Can't wait for all of them to be big healthy plants!


I had to go into work this morning for a community violence meeting.  When I got back, I did some organizing in the shed and the garage tent.  I moved a shelf unit to the garage and carried all my gas cans out to it.  In the workshop side of the shed, I put in a different shelf unit (made out of 1/4 inch angle iron, 2'x4' and 6.5 feet tall with five shelves - very heavy!) moved all of my different oils, cleaning supplies, spray paint, chain saw supplies, some gardening stuff, and there is room for my propane tanks under it.  I moved out a cheap, 25 year old plastic shelf and some junk that had accumulated.  It made a huge difference in there and really expanded my working areas.  Organization makes life SO much easier.

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