The Greenhouse Works

I went out to check my seeds this evening and saw that quite a few of them took advantage of the sunshine yesterday and today and have sprouted.  I've been keeping four grow lights aimed at them 24/7 and will keep that up for a couple more days, then go to using the lights only as a few hours of supplemental light in the evenings.  The heater has been going in the greenhouse keeping it nice and warm for the babies to start.  I'll keep that up for a few more days, then use the thermostat to just keep it warmer than about 45 degrees or so.  Each year I learn more about gardening and get a little more success.  This is my first try with large scale seed starting, and so far I'm pretty excited about the progress. 

Growing any part of your own food supplies helps relieve you from the chains of Big Ag, and even if all you get is some herbs in your apartment windowsill, you're fighting the system and increasing your freedom.  If you are worried about not having the time to garden or about not being successful, do like I did and start small, learning as you go.  There is nothing quite as satisfying or as tasty as eating something that you grew from a seed in your own yard.

National Flood Safety Awareness Week

Winter snows are melting and spring rains are coming - it's getting to be flood season.  FEMA and NOAA have joined together to declare next week to be National Flood Safety Awareness Week.  If you live anywhere that could even remotely be at risk for flooding, it is really important to ensure you have flood insurance and that you take whatever precautions you can.  Check out this flood safety site for more information.

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