Food Storage Planning

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The good folks at the Utah State University Cooperative Extension put out several papers on food storage back in the mid-90s.  Tonight I added their Management Guide to Home Food Storage to the Library Resources page.  This is a very simple aid to designing, filling and maintaining your food storage.  It's scalable for a large family or group, or for a single person or a couple.  One objective is to prevent food boredom.

The basics are to record a number of different meals, including side dishes to round out the nutritional profile, then to record the ingredients.  Use the charts to establish inventories, create shopping lists, and plan meals.  They really focus on the principle of storing what you regularly eat.  If you do not have an extensive larder and pantry, operated from spreadsheets, bar code scanning and FIFO rotation (and believe me, some preppers ARE that advanced), then give this a try.  We have a habit of really building up stocks of stuff when we find it on sale, but then not replacing it when we use it.  This simple tool can help manage that.  There are other USUCE food storage documents that I plan to get up in coming days.

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