Product Review: Larabars

Good and Good For You

Do you have a couple of granola bars in your BOB or stashed in the glove box of your BOV?  Ever looked at the ingredients?  You are probably looking at some high fructose corn syrup and other nastiness.  I've seen Larabars in the store before, but never gave them a second glance.  A few weeks ago on The Biggest Loser, they did a promo and talked about how tasty and healthy they were.  We were in Whole Foods a few days after that and they had quite a good selection of them, so we picked up a couple handfuls and have been trying them out.  My pattern has been to eat one for breakfast with a banana on my way into work each morning.

Larabars are all natural, and have just a few ingredients.  It looks like the main ingredient is dates, and most ingredients are either organic, fair trade certified, or both.  I don't know how they get the flavors they do, but they are super good.  Of the 20+ flavors they currently have, I've tried: apple pie, cappuccino, cashew cookie, cherry pie, chocolate chip brownie, chocolate chip cookie dough, peanut butter & jelly, peanut butter chocolate chip, peanut butter cookie, pecan pie, chocolate coffee and chocolate mint.  Every single one was amazingly good.  Each has between about 180-220 calories.

The ones I'm eating now have a date good through the end of December of 2012, so about 10 months or so.  I don't know how well they will hold up in a hot car in a BOB, but I'll be checking on that as the weather warms.  I have a feeling that they will hold up just fine, but they might be a little sticky.  I'm trying to eat healthier, and these tasty little bars fit that bill.  They are gluten free and almost all of them are dairy free as well.  They meet the needs for a Paleo diet too.

At Whole Foods, the bars were either $1.79 or $1.99 each (I can't remember).  They had a wide selection.  At a Fresh Market, they only had one or two flavors, but I don't recall the price.  Wal-Mart had two flavors, and they were only $1.25 each.  Amazon has the 16-count boxes ranging from $1.11 to $1.89 per bar.  I'd suggest that you pick up individual bars at a store to find out if you like particular flavors, but then buy them by the box through Amazon if you can get a better price that way.

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