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I've got some good stuff going on in the near future for you all.  A friend is writing a guest post reviewing a pneumatic, hand-cranked log splitter.  The same guy has a suppressor and a Walther P-22 that he is bringing over this weekend and we are going to write an article to submit to a magazine comparing the Walther to the Ruger 22/45 threaded barrel, with and without the suppressor.  I've got a variety of subsonic ammo for us to try, along with some Shoot-N-C targets.  We are also going to use the tests to shoot a video to post to the If It Hits The Fan YouTube channel.  I'm working with a couple of manufacturers to get test samples of some unique, preparedness products, and hopefully an extra or two to give away in reader contests.  For another guest post, I've got a former Libertarian Party Congressional candidate writing a piece for us on food liberty.  That should be very interesting!

Portable Shooting Bench

To get ready for the .22 shooting this weekend, I built a portable shooting bench... something I should have done years ago.  I used a couple of Stanley plastic folding sawhorses, and made the top out of two 2x6s and two 2x4s, all 2'4" long.  On the underside I screwed in 18" 1x2s on either end and 1.75" in from those to bracket the tops of the sawhorses.  It's light enough to tote under my arm (I might screw in a small handle on the underside too), but heavy and sturdy enough to stay in place on top of the sawhorses.  It's not big enough for formal bench rest shooting, but should be great for an informal pistol rest shooting from my knees.  If a person wanted it bigger, it'd be easy to make one with longer boards or by adding a 2x6 or two to the top.

School Update

I have finished my first week and first assignment for my first graduate school class in my American Military University program for a Masters of Disaster and Emergency Management.  As my classes progress, naturally that has to take priority on my computer time.  In January I tried backing off to two or three posts a week, but I didn't like that and I'm going to do my darnedest to get out at least five or six posts a week.  To help me keep up with that, I welcome any guest posts that readers might want to submit.  A gun, book or product review, a lesson you learned from a wilderness survival experience, how you became a prepper... anything like that that you think readers would enjoy and hopefully learn from.  As If It Hits The Fan grows, eventually I'd like to do guest post contests, but until then, you'll get my gratitude and thanks.  If you want to promote your own blog or business in the post, that is fine.  You can mail your guest posts to me here.

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