News Notes

Fox Business News has five tips for investing in gold.  Seems like pretty sound advice.

Small towns are not immune from crime.  Cheyenne reports that last year, 23 guns were stolen from cars... and 16 of those cars were unlocked.  Lock 'em up folks!

I put this news up on the FB page earlier, but if you missed it, Discover Channel has fired Bear Grylls, suposedly due to a contract dispute. 

Have you heard of the small house movement?  I think this dude wins with his 84 square feet home.

Remember pulling out the old set of encyclopedias to research a term paper?  Maybe you spent a cold rainy day reading Aardvark-Archeology.  Well, those days are over.  Encyclopedia Britannica announced today that after 244 years, they are going to go all on-line, and end printed production.  If you are concerned about a true grid-down, long-term survival situation, you might want to pick up a set in lieu of being able to access the on-line Britannica.

Within the past few months, McDonald's, Burger King, and other fast "food" joints have announced that they will stop using pink slime in their hamburgers.  Conveniently enough, the USDA announced this week that they will buy millions and millions of pounds of pink slime burgers for school cafeterias.  Needless to say, that is causing an uproar.

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