Product Review: Circle Hoe

Weeding Can Be A Breeze!

A couple of years ago, my wife's boss told her about the Circle Hoe.  She thought it was neat looking and picked one up for my Step-Mom for Christmas.  My Step-Mom had it hanging around the garden shed, but took over a year before she gave it a try... She was an instant convert and bought them for several of her friends.  She also gave us one for Christmas last year.  Well, today I mowed the yard and then started looking at my garden box... dreading having to pull all the weeds that have come in over the fall and winter.  But then I remembered that I had a Circle Hoe. 

That thing is the ticket!  It was extremely easy to use.  Slide it through the weed's roots, give a little twist, and the whole thing comes right out.  Most of them scooped right out without me even needing to bend over to pick them up.  It probably would have taken me over a half an hour of bending and reaching pulling the weeds by hand.  With the Circle Hoe, it took about ten minutes and was pain free.  I'm actually looking forward to weeding the strawberry bed this weekend.

They have three different sizes of Circle Hoe.  I have the long one.  The hand one would be perfect for weeding a patch where you had to or wanted to be on your knees.  The mini one looks ideal for window boxes or herb pots.  I can't speak to how well they work, but if they are anywhere near as good as the long one, they should really do the trick.  The prices are very reasonable, too.


  1. There is nothing better than a good hoe!! lol I have never tried this particular one but it sounds like a good way to get rid of weeds and I am all for that idea. I will have to try one out. Thanks for the info.

  2. Hey there BVDD, very "punny!" I was really impressed with the Circle Hoe. You won't be dissappointed


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