Product Review: Shelter Logic 10'x20' Auto Tent

An Option For Storage

Last weekend we put together a Shelter Logic 10'x20' Auto Tent to house the Project BOV Jeep Commando.  If you don't have a regular garage or a barn, it can be a nice addition to your prep storage needs.

The Auto Tent is not secure storage, and is not designed to protect the contents completely.  There is no floor, and the sides don't go all the way to the ground.  But it keeps the rain and other weather off your stuff.  It's perfect for a BOV, small tractor, ATV or storage of yard and garden implements.

To put it together, it took six of us about 4 hours.  If I had to do it again, I'd use three more socket sets, and I'm pretty sure we could get it done in about an hour and a half.  One hint - don't tighten all the nuts up until after you get the cover situated.

I've seen a couple pictures that show these things collapsing under a few inches of snow.  One of our neighbors lost one a few weeks ago when we had about 5 inches of wet, heavy snow.  I've got a few strategies I'm going to try... first is to use a few 2x6s with a notch cut in the end as supports of the top bar cross beams... second is to run an extension cord out to it to power a small electric heater to help melt off any accumulation.

If you need extra storage space, but don't have the money or space for a full fledged garage, check out the Shelter Logic Auto Tent.

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