Greenhouse Report

It's Up And Running

Well, after a little over two months I finally got my greenhouse finished and my tomatoes and pepper seeds started!

The greenhouse is about $125 or so in materials.  The basic frame is 6'x6'x6' constructed of pvc pipe with some 1"x2" bracing and support.  The sheeting is 6 mil plastic.  The roof has a pretty high peak and sharp angle, and with a recent 5 inches of heavy, wet snow slid right off.  I used 3" Gorilla Tape to attach everything.  That stuff is the bomb diggity!  It really puts duct tape to shame.  The door is a simple flap of plastic that I tie to three bolts sticking out the back.  The upright PVC pipes are sunk in the ground about 4 or 5 inches, and it is pretty sheltered from wind.  I built a three layer shelf, and put raised edges on the perimeter of each shelf.  I then lined each one with a contractor grade trash bag to make each shelf a water trough as well.  I put another trash bag along the rear wall.  No sun comes in that way, and it ought to help retain some heat.  I've run an extension cord out to a power strip.  I have a small ceramic electric heater in there, and currently two grow lights.  I will add a couple more grow lights I think.  In a few days after my seeds sprout, I'll put the lights on a timer.

To start my seeds, I used small plastic cups (I think they are 10 or 12 ounces), one per seed.  I ran a drill down through the stacks to get drainage and the ability to pull water up from the trough/shelf.  To fill the cups, I used super rich, dark, loose soil from my garden bed.  It's nothing but topsoil and a couple of years of horse manure compost.  I used a Sharpie to number each seed envelope, and put a corresponding number on the cups holding those seeds so I can keep track.  When they get too big for the small cups I've got 20 ounce cups to transplant them into.  I've got four types of peppers, four tomatoes and one tomatillo.  Later this week I'll get my onions and eggplants started.  I'll let you all know when the seeds sprout and start growing.

Here are some pictures.


Rear view, showing the door flap

Wide shot, showing its position - lots of sun exposure here

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