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InfraGard Training

I got this from the Norfolk, Va. InfraGard chapter announcing some free citizen training opportunities for folks in the southeast Virginia region.  If these look interesting and you are not in this area, call your local FBI area office and ask for the InfraGard coordinator.  Explain this program to the agent and ask if it is being offered in your area.  Disclaimer: Contrary to what Jesse Ventura would have you believe, InfraGard members are not deputized with shoot to kill authorization during martial law.


The Norfolk InfraGard and the FBI are conducting a public service campaign called Aware Prepare Plan. This campaign runs from May 2012 to September 2012, and is designed to educate the community on a variety of topics included in four “models” also known as seminars. An entire model contains several presentations which will be presented in a time span of three hours (6PM – 9PM). For the next five months, the Norfolk FBI and InfraGard will be hosting these seminars in various locations throughout Hampton Roads.

The goal of this campaign is to provide information on current threats and trends to members of our community. People who attend these seminars will learn how to avoid scams, prevent criminal activity, and report information to the FBI. Please mark your calendar and plan to attend one or more of these seminars. Please take a moment to view our website for other upcoming events. http://www.infragard-norfolk.org/

The four models are

1. Model #1- CI Model (Identity Theft, Safety and Security Travels, Financially Motivated Crimes, and Elicitation)

2. Model #2 –Terrorism Model (Counterterrorism, WMD, PATRIOT Act)

3. Model #3 Fraud Model (Health Care Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Internet Scams, Computer and Software Safety)

4. Model #4 Parental Awareness Model (Innocent Images, Sexting, Cyber Bullying, and Gangs)

Campaign Schedule

1. PARENTAL AWARENESS, May 8th at Paul D. Camp College Campus, 100 N College Drive, Franklin

2. PARENTAL AWARENESS, May 22nd at Newport News Police Dept. 9710 Jefferson Avenue, Newport News

3. COUNTERINTELLIGENCE (CI), June 5th at Virginia Beach Resort Hotel, 2800 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach

4. COUNTERINTELLIGENCE (CI), June 26th at Hampton Library, 4207 Victoria Boulevard, Hampton

5. FRAUD, July 12th at Virginia Beach Law Enforcement Training Academy, 411 Integrity Way, Virginia Beach

6. FRAUD, July 26th at James City County Human Services, 5249 Olde Towne Road, Williamsburg

7. TERRORISM, August 9th at Central Library, 4100 Virginia Beach Boulevard, Virginia Beach

8. PARENTAL AWARENESS, August 30th at Tidewater Community College, Room A-101, 1070 University Boulevard, Portsmouth

** A seminar will also be hosted on the Eastern Shore of Virgina (date TBA)**

Constitution 101

You may have heard of this on Rush Limbaugh. It is a free, 10-week college course on the U.S. Constitution from Hillsdale College.  Learning is a lifelong adventure, and this is a great topic.

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