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Where's The (Grass Fed) Beef?
It is tougher than you would think to find and buy grass fed beef.  Getting it direct from the farm is best and most cost effective, but not always convenient.  Around here, we've got a Whole Foods, and a local favorite, Ellwood Thompson's.  You'd think that it would be a no-brainer to walk in and find grass fed beef (or pastured pork and poultry for that matter), but it is not that easy.

Lots of beef has a label that says "vegetarian feed" or some such nonsense.  Since cows are herbivores, you'd think that vegetarian would be the standard expectation.  Makes you wonder about the beef that does not say, "vegetarian feed."  Ground up chickens, pulverized cow bones, chicken feathers and manure to bulk up the grains... yuck.  Of course, "vegetarian" is not much better.  Cows are not designed to eat grains.  They are designed to eat grass and clover and hay.  Feeding cows grains makes them fat and affects the acidity of their stomachs, making e coli more virulent.  "Cage free" chickens and "never crated" pigs are just as misleading.

Bank of Amerika

This story is making the rounds today, so you may have already seen it.  McMillan Firearms has done their banking with BoA for 11 years.  This week, they were told that BoA no longer wants their business because they have turned more to firearms manufacturing than accessories.  McMillan is on the hunt for a new bank that values guns and gun owners.  They are implementing a policy of not accepting credit cards from BoA accounts.  Kind of like when Kalifornia banned .50 caliber rifles so Barrett refused to sell their fantastic rifles to law enforcement agencies in Kalifornia.  I salute companies that stand up rather than lie down and take it.

Boy's Life

I've been taking my nephew to Tiger Cub Scouts this school year.  As a part of that, I subscribed to the official Scout magazine, Boy's Life.  I hadn't actually received any yet, but a couple days ago I got three month's worth all at one time.  It's full of goofy jokes and cartoons, but also has some great stories and suggestions for prepping, survival stories and Scout heroism awards. 

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  1. Caleb also got 3 the other day but he has gotten a few before that, we like reading through them together!!!


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