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I was greeted this morning with news of a pair of massive quakes off the coast of Indonesia.  I get home and find that there were good size quakes this afternoon on the Pacific coast of Mexico and just off the coast of Oregon.  A geologist from the USGS said that these quakes were not related to the ones in Indonesia... "Nothing to see here, you lookeeloos, move along."

Jet Crash

Most folks heard about the Navy FA-18 crashing into the apartment complex in Virginia Beach the other day.  That is the type of SHTF that a person really never expects.  Some might say you can't plan for something like that, but in the overall scheme of things, planning and prepping for natural gas leak explosion, tornado, house fire, earthquake damage... all pretty much have the need for some off site larder and a bug out plan.  Here's some local coverage of the crash and the investigation so far.

Women's Survival

A reader (Thanks, Shanna) sent me the link to this article from SHTF School.  It is the amazing story of one woman's survival in the Balkans war of the early 90s.  It is truly amazing what people can endure.

Terror In The Name Of Progress

I posted to Facebook a link to a main stream media article about this horrific incident when it happened a week or two ago.  Chance Sanders (author of several recent articles in Survival Magazine, maker of a forthcoming urban survival video guide, and one of my Pathfinder School instructors) posted that his father in-law was actually driving past the scene when the explosion happened.  Now, I don't know a whole lot about Agenda 21.  But I think I need to learn more.  Some say it is only extremist nonsense that has people upset about it, others that it is an internationalist program to destroy American sovereignty and property rights at the local level.  If anyone knows about it, I'd love to get a guest post from you.

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