No Daytona Beach For Me

Spring Break for a Prepper

I think that most readers know that for my regular job, I work for a public school district.  Tomorrow starts Spring Break, and I don't go back to work until next Tuesday.  I'm a little old for a week of endless partying, so I'm going to be productive around the house and with some writing.  To make sure I stay on task, I need to write down my daily objectives.  I figured I may as well do it here so that you guys will help hold me accountable.  Believe me, I am by nature pretty lazy, and if I go at this without a plan, I'll end up getting caught up on this season's Family Guy episodes and watching movies.  So, here's the plan.

Each Day:
  • Watch no more than one hour of television
  • Write a blog post
  • Shoot a survival skill video for the YouTube Channel
  • Shoot a cigar review video for my upcoming YouTube Channel on that subject
  • Spend an hour rewriting my book submissions for my editor
  • Take one of my generators and my push mower to the fixit shop for some repairs that are beyond my abilities
  • Do the first part of my weekly assignment for my graduate school class
  • Replace the closer mechanism on the front storm door
  • Start again with some new pepper seeds to try and get them sprouted
  • Remove and reposition all of the top snaps on Project BOV so that it fits properly
  • Give Project BOV a good bath and use it to go pick up and take my nephew to Cub Scouts
  • Go to a doctor appointment in the morning
  • Work on one of the magazine articles I'm writing
  • Dig out my expanded strawberry bed
  • Dig out my new pepper and tomato bed and put in terraced swales to retain water
  • Gather wood to put in the beds for small-scale hugelkulture
Wednesday (supposed to rain)
  • Get caught up on homework for school, the other magazine article I'm writing, and my book submissions
  • Get at least one of each video edited and posted to YouTube
  • Finish cleaning up the yard and fence line from winter debris and split it between the compost bin and a burn pile
  • Go get a load of top soil and a load of manure compost
  • Mix them together and get it in the beds and redress the garden box
  • Get more strawberry plants in the ground
  • Get some direct sow crops into the garden box
Friday (supposed to rain again)
  • Finish any writing I have outstanding
  • Get at least one more of each type of video edited and posted to YouTube
Well, that about wraps up my week.  I'll keep you updated.  If I get it all done, next Monday is for napping!

A Cool Website

I recently found out about this website, http://www.prepperwebsite.com/.  The best way to describe it is as a Drudge Report for preppers.  They post links to numerous interesting and useful articles on all kinds of different blogs and websites each week.  It is a great idea, and is going to be on my frequent visit list from here on out.

Free E-Book

This is not really prepper-related, but I know that a whole lot of us came in to guns, prepping, etc... through the so-called "men's adventure novels" such as The Survivalist and Mack Bolan, The Executioner.  I'm a member of a men's adventure novel fan group on Facebook, and another member, Jack Murphy, is making his latest novel, Reflexive Fire, available free in Kindle E-book format for today only on Amazon.  I haven't read any of Jack's novels, but I am looking forward to it and really think it is cool of him to offer it for free.  Of course, if you like it, consider buying his other books.  I certainly will.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, I think I will check this book out. Too bad I missed the freebie day. Oh well.

    +1 for the Mack Bolan referance.

  2. Wraith - Mack Bolan was one of my mainstays of my youth! I'm a little ways into the book and so far it is a good read

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