Personal Hitting of the Fan

Do You Know What To Do?

If you follow If It Hits The Fan on Facebook, you might know that my plans for Spring Break that I laid out so neatly on Sunday have changed.  Monday morning, my brother had a stroke.  He's 52 years old and didn't have any advanced indicators.  He's doing OK considering what he is going through, but he has a long recovery ahead.  I've made a couple trips into town to visit him in the hospital and that has set my schedule back.

We often talk of plans for terrible, world changing disasters such as economic collapse, hurricanes, EMP events, etc...  We also talk of being prepared for medical emergencies like gunshots, car wrecks and sucking chest wounds.  But are we ready for the hidden personal disasters like heart attacks, strokes, and the factors that contribute to them?

My brother lives alone, and he woke at 4:30 with the pain in his head.  He had enough wherewithal to get his cell phone off the bedside table and call 911.  Would you think to do that?  I'm not sure if I would have or not.  Do you get regular medical checkups to see if you have risk factors that might contribute to such things?  Are you taking care of yourself?

Here's a link to a page with a ton of stroke information.  I'll be back to a more normal post tomorrow.

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