Book Review: Survival Mom by Lisa Bedford

Are You A Survival Mom?

Lisa Bedford was kind enough to have her publisher send me a copy of her new book, Survival Mom, to review.  Who is Lisa Bedford?  A couple of years ago, she was a blogger, plugging along on http://www.thesurvivalmom.com/.  A guest appearance on Glenn Beck's Fox News show got her a huge boost.  Last year she was on the pilot episode of Doomsday Preppers, and is one of the few folks they've featured who did not come across as a loon.  Now, she has her first book out, Survival Mom, from  Harper Collins Publishers.

Now, obviously, I am not her target demographic, but I figured I'd give it a shot.  The short review: This is a great book!

Here's some more detail...

Lisa did a great job writing this book.  It's easy to read without being aimed at the lowest common denominator.  Her sense of humor and her personality come through in her writing, and she gets some very serious points across as well.  The information that she presents is accurate, well reasoned, and thorough.  I really like the many charts and checklists that she includes, and I appreciated the many sayings and quotes that she gathered to use as margin notes.

The book is named Survival Mom for a reason.  It is very clearly aimed at women in general and mothers in particular.  The prepper guys out there who are trying to get their wives on board should give them a copy.  A single mom or a prepper wife whose husband is not on board will also benefit.  If you are trying to encourage a family member to prep, this is the book you should give or recommend to them.  It would also make a good wedding or baby shower gift.  The book has tons of information for the novice prepper, but also plenty that an experienced prepper can learn from.

These are my views as a male experienced prepper.  To try and get a better perspective on the book, I'm going to ask a couple non-prepping moms to read it and write reviews for you as well.

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