Updates From The Homestead

What Have I Done To Prep Lately?

The Garden - Well, my greenhouse experiment didn't go as well as I had hoped.  None of my peppers sprouted.  I did get 17 tomato plants to come up, though.  The Gorilla Tape that I used to attach all the plastic sheeting on the greenhouse ended up not sticking too great.  The stuff is amazing if you wrap it, but simply holding a flat piece of plastic to another one or to a PVC pipe just didn't last.  Part of the roof collapsed, so I ended up cutting away part of the plastic roof so that rain and partial direct sunlight could hit the plants to help harden them.  I'll get the 17 plants in the garden box this week.  The soil is nicely prepped with some fresh topsoil and kitchen waste compost.

Project BOV Jeep - I replaced a couple of hoses and clamps in the engine, got most of my exterior lights working (still need to fix the brake and backup lights), put on a new fan belt, and ordered new dash lamp "thingamabobs" (that's the technical term for them).  I'm putting together a small emergency kit to mount in the rear of it.

Workshop Storage - I had let my shelves and cabinets in the shop get a little disorganized, so I spend some quality time out there reorganizing and straightening up in there.  I can now easily put my hands on items ranging from holsters to tools to toiletries to canned goods.

Pantry - We've been adding to our food stores on a regular and gradual basis.  Rotation, FIFO, eat what your store, store what you eat, copy canning... it is always ongoing

Weapons - I've got my eye on a Colt Trooper MkIII .357 revolver that a guy I know is looking to get rid of.  Also, my wife took a skeet shooting lesson and was not only pretty good, but really enjoyed it.  We'll be looking for a new shotgun for her soon.

There is always something going on and work to be done.

News You Can Use

This month's Women's Health magazine (I read Survival Mom over vacation this week... do I need to be concerned?) has a quick blurb about the numbers used on produce labels.  If it has five digits, starting with an 8, it was genetically modified.  If it has four digits, it was grown conventionally.  If it has five digits, starting with a 9, it was grown organically.  Actually, thanks to my wife for noticing this and passing it on.

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  1. Think Liquid Nails next year or for any project where to flat pieces need to be put together :) works wonders from cloth to metal to plastic to even keeping title on walls...just allow it to set up properly...PS...I once made outdoor cushion covers using Liquid Nails...the adhesive lasted longer than the fabric :)


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