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2009 California Crime Weapons Report
This report shows how they manipulate data to show what they want.  I quick glance makes it appear that there is a huge number of handguns used in violent crimes.  But really, they are not looking at very many guns and the percentages don't matter.  The evil AR15 and AK47 only make up 5 of the 147 firearms they examined.  The .22, .25 and .380 make up far more of them. 

California Assault Weapons ID Guide
Some of you may not be old enough to remember what an extreme pain in the backside the Clinton '93 "assault weapon" ban was.  A basic Glock magazine that went for about $15 in 1992 went for $75 the next year.  A $79 SKS became a felony charge if you stuck a folding stock on it.  A $5 M-16 mag went for $25, but if it was newly manufactured, it was marked with the date and "For Law Enforcement/Government Use Only" and was a felony for mere possession by a non-cop. 

Luckily, the House and Senate saw the writing on the wall and allowed the ban to expire in 2003.  However, they got the idea for the original ban from our friends on the left coast, and subjects of the People's Republic of Kalifornia are still under the ban... in fact, their ban is even deeper.

A look through this guide will show the rest of us how fortunate we are to not live in California.  For those in California, see what you could have if you moved.  My brother recently asked me why I wouldn't look for a job in California.  One of the major reasons is that at least half of my gun safe would be illegal out there and I'd be a felon many times over for trying to import it.

Brady Campaign: Gun Violence in America - Proposals for the Obama Administration
The clowns over at the Brady Bunch came into 2009 thinking that they had Obama in their back pocket and that by now we'd be a gun-free society.  He ain't stupid, and pretty much avoided gun control so far.  But watch out.  He has disdain for gun owners.  Remember the comment about the "bitter clingers" with their guns and bibles?  He told a Brady leader that he had to be discreet on gun issues.  He recently told a Russian leader that he could not do much now, but to wait until after the election.  If he gets reelected, it is Katie bar the door for gun control.  He may not be able to get much done legislatively, but watch all the executive orders on imports and regulations.  Reading this booklet will give you an idea about what the anti-gunners are trying to achieve and how they want to trample on the Constitution.

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