Monthly Task Reminders

It's the first of the month, have you...

Test run your generator?
Rotated you gasoline stores?
Tested your smoke and/or carbon monoxide detectors?
Checked your household and vehicle fire extinguishers?
Given your dog his heart worm pill and flea/tick treatment?
Changed your HVAC filters?
Test run all your small engine equipment?
Checked the tires, belts, hoses and filters on your vehicles?

Adventure at the Restaurant

Central and Eastern Virginia have been under a tornado watch since early afternoon.  Tonight we went out to a Longhorn Steakhouse for dinner, and could see on the TV in the bar section that the Town of Ashland, just north of here was getting hammered by weather.  While waiting for our food, outside turned pitch black, the bar TV lost their satellite signal, and the lights flickered off for a second.  My wife and I discussed what to do if we heard that "freight train" sound that indicates tornado.  I immediately thought of the restroom, but my wife pointed out that everyone in the joint would head for the head (to use a nautical term), so she suggested the kitchen.  I was a bit concerned about knives, pots and pans flying in a tornado, so I thought about the bar and suggested the beer cooler.  We weren't sure if they had a walk-in cooler in the bar, so we went back to my wife's idea with the kitchen and agreed to head for the walk-in freezer.  Yeah, it would be cold in there, but we could take it for 10-15 minutes if a twister was coming.

Next time you are out to eat with the family, think about what you might do if a tornado comes through.


  1. Great post, both the reminders *and* the advice to plan your what-to-do-if. I would worry about all those knives too!

  2. Walk-in cooler or freezer would be my bet. During the EF-5 in Rainsville AL last year the entire Huddle house was "removed" by a school bus. The coolers stayed put...



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