Prepper Ponderings Redux


Did you catch this in today's funny papers?  Seems like even cartoon cats are fans of survival television.  Do you think he prefers Cody or Dave?


Bee Biz

Remember a couple years ago all the talk about colony collapse disorder causing bees to die by the billions around the country?  It looks like they are making a slow comeback.  I found an article today from various small papers in western Virginia that talks about the increase in bee keepers in the Shenandoah Valley lately.  In 2001, Virginia produced 468,000 pounds of honey.  In 2011 it was 160,000 pounds.  The average price has gone from $1.73/pound to $4/pound.

While a lot of beekeepers got out of the business with the collapse disorder, the increased prices have brought new people in.  Valley Bee Supply opened last August and business is booming, with about half of their customers are new to bee keeping.

If you have access to local honey, buying it helps farmers, keeps money local, can be great for easing allergies, and it tastes delicious!

Survival Mom

I just got a review copy of Lisa Bedford's new book, Survival Mom.  While I am not the demographic at which it is aimed, I'm going to read it, then recruit a nearby mother to give it a try, then compare our assessments.  Lisa has done a ton to get moms into being prepared for their families, and I'm really looking forward to reading her work.

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