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World Weirdness

Does it seem like there is a lot of weird and disturbing news going on out there lately?  A Socialist elected president of France...  a 14-year-old girl stabbing to death her 4-year-old niece...  Nazis elected to the Greek parliament...  Chinese counterfeit pills containing human baby flesh...  whole families either disappearing or being murdered... 

"If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..." Rudyard Kipling

Local Preparedness Efforts

I stopped at the Ashland, Va. police department building this afternoon to say hi to a couple of old friends.  While I was waiting for them in the lobby, I perused the brochure rack.  Mixed in among the "wear a bike helmet" and domestic abuse pamphlets, I found the APD brochure about emergency preparedness.  It's good, basic information, but one thing I particularly like is this statement:

Look Out For Your Neighbors
The best time to plan for an emergency is well before the crisis strikes.  In that light, get to know your neighbors so you can help one another in times of need.

You don't often see that push for community from "the authorities."  Kudos to APD!

Epic Failure to Prep

Have you ever heard of The Lost Colony?  It is the longest running play in America and tells the story of the settlement on Roanoke Island, North Carolina who completely disappeared between 1588 and 1590, leaving the word CROATOAN carved in a tree as their only sign.  The play was where Andy Griffith got his first paid acting gig (way before he was Sheriff Andy Taylor).  There have been countless theories of what happened to the settlers, ranging from Indian massacre to going crazy and fleeing to complete integration with an inland tribe.

An article today on Fox News discusses a new discovery of some very old evidence.  An ancient map in the British Museum has been discovered to have a small patch covering a hand-drawn fort about 50 miles inland from Roanoke Island that has never been reported.  It gives new leads for researchers to possibly one day determine what happened.

For those who think that when SHTF, they will go off to the wilderness and live off the land, they should read the stories of the early European settlers who came over with a year or two of provisions on the ship, but then had crop failures, disease, and attack. 

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  1. Wow I'm glad the APD did put that in their brochure! Sometimes the police can surprise us.


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