Prepping Pays Off

Snakes In The Wires

About 10:30 last night, we were in the bed, lights off, fans circulating, my CPAP humming along, when... nothing.  We lost power.  First thing, I go to the wall phone in the kitchen where we always have the number to the power company posted.  I call and report the outage.  I gave it a few minutes to see if it was something that would come back on quick, but nothing.

Here's where being prepped came in handy.  On went the headlamp.  I went out back and uncovered the smaller generator.  I had used it last weekend to power my leaf blower, so I had got a can of gas out of the shed and filled it up.  I fired it up with one pull of the cord, plugged it in, and about a minute later we had power to the house.  I flipped the breakers to power the refrigerator, well pump, our bedroom and our bathroom.  Fans are going again, my CPAP is humming along, and sleep is good.

The power came back on at 12:45 and I went out and shut down the generator, turned on the rest of the breakers and went back to sleep.

If we did not have a generator set up and ready to go, neither one of us would have gotten any sleep.  No CPAP and no fans going make for an unbearable night at the homestead.

So why did I title this Snakes in the Wires?  On the radio news this morning, it turns out that two different transformers, one on the east side of town and one on the west, had snakes crawl in to them and short them out.  Over 40,000 lost power.  Bet they all wish they had generators ready to go.

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