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Ek Commando Knives

I was chatting with an old family friend the other day.  Bob Buerlein is the owner and president of Ek Commando Knives.  Ek started in WWII and their handmade knives have been carried in every engagement since.  Today Bob sent me his latest President's Club newsletter which revealed that he is releasing a very limited edition Historical Edition Model 1, a copy of the original Model 1, sheath and box that John Ek made for the troops of the greatest generation.  He's only making 300 of these and the knife itself is going for a VERY reasonable $289.  Display case and sheath are extra, but still reasonable.  This is a really good looking knife, and it's design is combat proven.  If you are in the market for a fighting knife, check out the Ek HE1, or one of the other great designs.

The Berkey Guy

The Berkey Guy, Jeff Gleason, was the first sponsor of If It Hits The Fan.  He just completed a complete redesign of his website at http://www.directive21.com/ that makes it much more user friendly.  He doesn't just have Berkey Water Filter Systems, he has long term storage foods, seed vaults, and other great (and sometimes hard to find) survival needs.  I've been using our Big Berkey for all of our drinking water since our well went a little funky a few weeks ago and will keep it in use from here on out.  Check out Jeff's new site design and if you don't have a Berkey, consider ordering one from him.


I shot a video product review this afternoon of the FloodSax sandbag replacement.  This is a cool product that has lots of potential.  I'll get it edited and posted to the YouTube channel soon.

Boot Reviews

Got the new Boy's Life magazine today and they have a good article on a review of several different brands of hiking boots.  The information is pretty good... the reader comments after the reviews were obviously written by young teen boys.  If you are in the market for new hiking boots, give this article a looksee.

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