Project BOV Is Back On The Road

Got It Going Again

Well, the clutch saga with my BOV Jeep is finally taken care of.  If you ever decide to fix up an old Jeep for a BOV, I highly recommend Quadratec for a parts source.  They weren't showing my cable on their website, but a call got it tracked down and in my hands in three days.  Great customer service, fast shipping and good prices.

Anyway, two open end wrenches, my Chilton's manual, and about an hour, got me back in business and running like a top.  I also got some of my instrument cluster lights working using the sockets that I got at the junkyard and some new bulbs.  Whatever BOV you have, you really ought to have a Chilton's manual to help with basic repairs and maintenance.

A Survival Story

If you haven't checked out Rourke's new venture, ASurvivalStory.com, give it a shot.  The story is getting started good, and you don't want to fall behind.  It only takes a couple of minutes a day to keep up to date with the story.

A Happy Birthday Shoutout...

I want to wish Jerry Ahern a very happy birthday.  Jerry is a prolific writer on guns and knives, as well as being the author of The Survivalist series of books that had such a huge impact on me in my misspent youth and helped lead me into the life of a prepper.  Jerry has been fighting some medical problems here lately, so not only do I want to say, "Happy Birthday, Jerry!" but I also want to wish him good health and strength and ask all my readers to send well wishes and prayers his way.



  1. Glad to hear you BOV Jeep is back on the road again. A few months ago, I bought a Bug-In-Vehicle (we live in our Bug Out Location).

    I selected an old 1976 Jeep for it and am always looking for a reputable place to get parts. Thanks for sharing the quadratec link. I may give them a try next time.


  2. Joe, Quadratec was great. I'd suggest finding what you want on line, but calling to talk to someone to actually place the order. Top notchcustomer service. What kind of 76 do you have? CJ5 CJ7 Wagoneer?


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