Hip Shots

Lawn Mower Pistol

I usually carry my North American Arms .22 mini revolver when I am working in the yard and riding the lawn mower.  I changed up the loading on it this past weekend.  The first two rounds are CCI snake shot.  The other three are hollow points.  Good for snakes or to distract 2 legged varmints long enough to get to a larger gun.

Survival Podcast

Good stuff today on The Survival Podcast about dealing with long power outages.  I picked up some ideas I want to integrate into our plans and preps.  He's got a part 2 on it tomorrow.

On-Line Fiction

I'm really enjoying the story arc as Rourke builds it at www.ASurvivalStory.com

Blue Helmet Bastards

Have you heard about the so-called "Arms Trade Treaty?"  The UN is working on it right now and word is that Iran will actually be the member state that is in charge of it.  The progressives claim it is just to keep international arms trades on the up and up, but in reality, if Obama signs it and the Senate ratifies it, it could subject American gun owners to international laws, restrictions and bans.  Supposedly 57 senators have pledged not to vote for ratification.  That's nice, but what if the progressives get a 60 member majority in the future.  They could then ratify it.  For instance, my two senators, Mark Warner and Jim Webb, are both Democrats, but both have pretty good records on the 2nd Amendment.  Webb is not running for reelection this year, and former Governor/Senator George Allen is running against former Governor/DNC chair Tim Kaine.  Allen is pretty good on guns (although he voted for the 93 AWB when he was in the House), but Kaine is a hard core anti.  As mayor of Richmond, he used taxpayer dollars to hire buses to carry people to the Million Mom March against guns in DC.  Here's a good article about some other unforeseen concerns about the ATT.


  1. The two legged creatures are more dangerous than the four legged ones. The four legged ones atleast don't attack their own species. But the two legged one won't stop at anything.

  2. i carry a ruger lcr with a couple of snake shot and 3 hp's in my back pocket while in the yard.we call this place copperhead hill. i've taken to carrying my kimber lately toward dark as we've been getting rabid animal encounters around here lately, plus it freaks out my dopeheadhippy neighbor :) great posts lately btw....oh yeah, if the bluehats don't fight any better than they did in bosnia, let them come. and NEVER underestimate the guile or cunning of hillary clinton and friends. they will find a way legal or not to bring this too our shores. look at agenda 21. they have no clue that the "average" citizen is at the boiling point.

  3. Gotta love freaking out the neighbor!


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