Tactical Cowboy?

This Is Funny

The last words of Doc Holliday as he died in bed looking at his sock feet.  Not the topic of this post, but a good segue to the latest in gunfighter weaponry.

Have you seen these new interpretations of some Old West favorites?

Mossberg 464 SPX

It is the venerable .30-30 lever action, but with an M4 stock, rail fore end, fiber optic sights, and a flash hider.  I really don't know what to think about this...  Part of me thinks it is ridiculous, but part of me thinks it is really cool.  The .30-30 is a great round for deer-sized game, and in this configuration, a lever action rifle could be your best bet if you can't have a regular M4 or other "tactical" semi auto.

Stoeger Double Defense

It's a "Coach Gun", a side by side double barrel, matte finished, synthetic stock, and rails on top and bottom.  It's also available in over/under.  I have a standard Stoeger coach gun that I use for Cowboy Action Shooting, and for home defense, there is little as intimidating for a bad guy to see than two 12 gauge barrels staring back at him.  I imagine it would be even more so with a light kit and/or a laser teamed up with them.  I actually suggested this for a friend who was moving back to the US from overseas and had personal reasons for not wanting a pump or semi shotgun for home defense.

I just picked up a 2013 gun buyer's guide a couple of nights ago.  The creativity and technology in today's guns never ceases to amaze me (even with the dozens and dozens of AR15s and 1911s).

Welcome Back

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