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I've added some new documents to the Library Resource page.

In the Terrorism Awareness and Defense section, I've added a Dept. of Homeland Security document entitled, Performance Venues: Indicators of Violence and Protective Measures.  This document has been out for a while, but DHS just republicized it in response to the Aurora theater killings.  Not a whole lot of useful information in it, but you might glean a nugget or two.  If your boss at work expresses concern about planning for an active shooter, then you can give him this and look like Johnny on the spot.

I've added a section entitled Crime Prevention and put the first document in it, The Little Black Book of Scams.  This booklet was put out by our friends from the Great White North in Canada.  It outlines different mail, internet and phone scams that are out there.  It would be great to print and share with that older relative who might be a prime candidate to be a scam victim.

In the General Preparedness Information section I've updated the link for the latest edition of the LDS Preparedness Manual.  It is newly updated and expanded with tons of great information.  It has some LDS theological information in it, but the vast majority of it is useful to any (or even no) religion.  This is the only link on the Library Resources Page that goes to a site that I do not control.

Free Herb Book

I found this fee guide to herbal medicinals today thanks to Survival Mom.  It is available as a free Kindle download on Amazon.  You don't need a Kindle, you can download a Kindle reader app to your smart phone, iPad, or regular computer.  I've started skimming it, and it looks like a really useful guide... and you can't beat the price.  I don't know how long it will be free, so snap it up ASAP!

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