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More Blogs To Check Out

There are a ton of prepper/self-reliance/survival blogs and websites out there.  Most of us don't have the luxury of time enough to check out dozens of them each day.  I have a few that I visit nearly every day, and a handful more that I check out every week or so.  There are a bunch of others that I look at every now and then.

I really hope that If It Hits The Fan is one of your daily, or at least weekly visits.  Here are a couple more sites that I have recently become acquainted with that you ought to check out and see if they meet your needs.

Backdoor Survival is done by Gaye, up in the San Juan Islands region of Washington state.  She offers a lot of great information from a woman's perspective, but plenty that is also of use to men.  One of her recent posts that I have enjoyed reading is "Getting Started With Handguns Is Not For Wimps."

Off-Grid Survival is by Rob, a guy experienced in wilderness survival, HAM radio, and the martial arts.  He has a great layout to his site, and a combination of his own articles and news links.  I enjoyed his recent post on "Flash Mobs."

I've added both of these to my "Links I Like" page.

Why Have We Developed A Passive Society

This morning Prison Planet (Alex Jones' site) had a great editorial on the passivity of the crowd in the Aurora theater massacre.

Call For Guest Posts

As I mentioned last night, I'd love to get some guest posts from anyone who has attended any type of survival training or school, telling us about it and reviewing it in case some other readers might want to attend.  I'd also like to get guest posts from anyone who has attended an Appleseed event or who has used the services of an LDS Cannery.  If you'd like to write up your experiences about these (or really, any other subject that you think our readers might enjoy - product or gun reviews, how you became a prepper, how you set up your BOB or BOV, etc...) please send them to me here.


  1. Consider adding reThinkSurvival.com to your must-read list of blogs!

  2. I follow reThinkSurvival.com and ModernSurvivalOnline.com too. I'll check out the other two you mentioned as well.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check out reThinkSurvival.com


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