One For The Ladies

Women's Outdoor Weekend

I was asked to share this information with you all.  I don't know these folks personally, and have no first hand experience with them.  This course looks like it would be very interesting for a woman who is gaining an interest in the outdoors or wilderness survival.  Looking at their website, it looks like they have a ton of experience to share and pass on.

Their website is at TrackingSurvival.com  Edited to give a better website: http://www.trackingsurvival.com/W.%20O.%20W..htm 

If any of you go to this class (or any other survival school, firearms course, etc...) I'd love to get a guest post from you reviewing the course and sharing your new found knowledge.


  1. Am having trouble with the link to this weekend.
    Can you give another address for connecting with these folks? This sounds like a very profitable and yet entertaining weekend event.

  2. Here's the direct link to the registration page:


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