What's In Your Wallet?

Backup ID

It is not unusual for me to forget my wallet.  I've shared some stories about that in the past.  A new law here in Va. says that if you don't have your concealed weapon permit with you if you get stopped, it could be a $25 fine, but that the judge can waive the fine.  That got me thinking, if I forgot my wallet, sure I could eventually get out of a charge, but what else could I do to prevent the need to go to court in the first place.  I also thought back to when I was a cop and how many people that I pulled over that were licensed and had legal tags, but just didn't have their license and registration with them.  It was kind of a pain in the neck for me to write down all their info in my notebook before going back to my cruiser.  If they came back valid, I never wrote a single person for not having it in possession.  It just slowed me down and slowed the driver down in getting done with me.  So here's my idea...

Use my iPhone to take a closeup picture of my retired LEO credentials, my DL, my registration, and my car insurance card.  There are a couple of things to give me pause... I've got to protect the info if I lose the phone - it locks and has to be opened by a password, I should probably make that time shorter...  I would not let an officer take my phone back to his car with him, but I would offer to send him the photo by text message if he wanted.

This is certainly not a cure all.  If a cop were a hard case, he or she would probably still write me no matter what, but I think the majority of officers would appreciate the effort.  Am I missing anything here that makes this a bad idea?  Does anyone know if there is "an app for that?"  Some sort of ID Duplicate App?  At least that way I wouldn't have to scroll through 378 photos of my dog and me smoking a cigar.


  1. You should be able to download the photos to your computer, put them in a separate folder, say "Credentials"? and sync them back as an additional folder. Or maybe you can do that from your phone, I don't know, just a suggestion.....and as far as the pics go, I use an app that creates pdf documents on my iphone called JotNot, I love it! works well with those pesky cash receipts that I am always losing. Sends the pdf straight to an email, also save it in the JotNot. You can also screen shot the document as well and save it as a very clean black and white pic (I do this with business cards too!)

  2. I've done exactly as you were thinking about, but to protect it I use photo safe pro by My Eyes Only:


    It provides multiple folders (once you upgrade and pay) with 256 bit encryption. I've put all my wallet, household goods, insurance, etc. in it.

  3. Thanks for the info! I know I can always count on my readers for the scoop! I was also pretty sure that I was not the first person to have this idea. No sense reinventing the wheel

  4. This is nice in theory, but not all LEO's are as 'understanding', I was recently pulled over and when I handed the officer my license, registration & insurance, I inadvertently handed him an expired insurance card, when he returned to the vehicle I explained my error and handed him the current insurance card. He refused to accept it and informed me I would have to bring it with me to court. That stop cost me over $300 in fine plus FEES. So, I don't know if an officer would even accept 'images of these documents'... ???

    I think this is definitely a 'Your Mileage May Vary'!

  5. As stated, there is no guarantee that they would accept it with a free pass.

    However, if you truly lost your wallet, images with all the legal information on it would probably save you from being arrested, car impounded etc. and hopefully would let you leave with a ticket, instead.

  6. Rassd71 - sounds like you had a real "jack boot" on that stop. My idea is certainly a YMMV. I look at it as a last chance at avoiding a ticket IF you get the right officer in the right mood.

    On a side note, I downloaded the suggested My Eyes Only app - exactly what I had in mind!


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