Are You Ready For Isaac?

... And I Don't Mean Your Ship's Bartender

That picture cracks me up!

But seriously, Hurricane Isaac is heading toward the Keys, then on up to Alabama and Georgia.

Now hopefully, if you are already reading If It Hits The Fan, and you are in the path, you won't need to rush out for milk, bread and toilet paper like all the unprepared folks out there, but there are a few things that I always need to do for the last couple of days before a hurricane comes to town.

Make sure the generator is running right and top off any empty gas cans.

Have a plan to evacuate ahead of the masses if you think you might need to.

Secure lawn and patio furniture, toys, tools etc...

Grab a little extra cash from the bank. 

How's the chainsaw?  Good and sharp?  Running well?

Anything in the blackout kit need replacing or checking?

Clean out the gutters.

And, just make a quick check of your regular preps.

I hope that any readers in Isaac's path will come through with no troubles.  Afterwards, please check in here with the comments section or on the Facebook page to let us know you are ok.

As I told one reader of Facebook, Hunker down and be safe!


  1. Oh man....I busted out laughing when I say the first pic! ;-)

    1. I love me some 70s TV references! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Yes, we're prepped but then we always have 3 months worth of food half of which is shelf stable, 6 weeks of TP and at least 3/4 tank of gas. On Tuesday gas went from $3.52 at 9:30am to $3.69 at 12:30pm and it will go higher as some oil platforms in the Gulf are closing. We did make a stop at the library, which was not busy, for a refill of books some fiction and some not including a grilling cookbook and one on Jefferson's gardens - always looking for something new.

    At Sam's Club, our regular bi-monthly trip, I watched what people were buying. Mainly bottled water, TP, paper towels, batteries, soda and beer.
    Then they stopped at the snack bar for lunch of pizza, ice cream and soda. Got to feel for them - not sure if sorry or disgusted- because they will be the first to cry out for government help. Been there for Charley and except for 4 hot lunches from the Red Cross we did it all ourselves thru 4 weeks of no electricity and no water in a mobile home park that was 50% destroyed due to lack of planning by home owners.

    Be prepared, be careful and know what you are capable of dealing with. Now in our mid 60s we are in a house with storm shutters, in a safe from storm surge until it's Cat 5 and a plan for staying put during anything else or leaving if necessary.

    1. You have to wonder what folks plan on doing with a sudden need for TP and Milk?!?!?

      Sounds like you are well prepared!


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